To meet rising demand in China, we want to develop more oversea partner to provide us more innovative and competitive products.
Our current business as below:


Epoxy resin & Polyurethane

Textile &Dyeing

Printing &Ink & Coating

If you want to promote your current products into the Chinese market, welcome contact us.
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Shanghai Demand Chemical Co., ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of chemical products, provides comprehensive products for worldwide customers. We specialize in supplying a variety of chemical products and total solution for wide application in such industries as API, printing ink and coating, polyurethane & polyure thermoset plastics, lubrication and surface treatment.

Shanghai Demand Chemical Co。, ltd has established effective product development and manufacturing processes, as well as quality management system throughout its production facility located in East China, to serve customers worldwide。 Our main products-glycol ether, chlorobenzene and amide are popular with customers in EU, USA, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia。 We are the preferred supplier for many reputed companies in the field of pharmaceuticals, electronics, new energy industry and chemical industry。

As a professional service supplier, Shanghai Demand Chemical Co。, ltd aims to be a distributor and purchase agent for oversea chemical companies, and also be an export agent for domestic companies。


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